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    should i lave another baby



    another baby

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    should i lave another baby

    Post  mumloulou on Thu May 27, 2010 10:44 am

    hi to all the mummys out there
    i would like to no what you all think
    i am happy and married to my darling busband of 3 year we have 6 kids my 3 girls age 15-14 and 10 and to stepsons that are my husbands and our baby son of 11 weeks
    my 3 girls live with there dad and the 3 boys live with us and we are all very happy Smile

    my husband asked if we could try for one more baby i said i will think about it as i was he took my pills and poped themdown the loo i was not happy as i told him im thinking about it as iv just had a baby of 11 weeks do you all think its to soon
    can you tell what you think

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