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    my son has character, much personality



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    my son has character, much personality

    Post  angeles on Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:35 am

    hi, my son is 17 months, nearly 18, but since early he was showed like very self-sufficient. He wants to do everything by himself, sometimes it get me proud, but others, when he goes through a tamtrum for wanting something, oh... it takes me out.
    Now a days, when he doesn´t want to do something, he throws himself onto the floor. I hardly take him from the floor and I put him on his feet.
    other times only telling him: get to your feet, pull up, pull up!!! it works... each time it is more frecuent see him on the floor, either crying or shouting.
    when I watch him in that sort of manner, I think fussy of him.

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